Don’t deny yourself your dreams!

ho among us hasn’t felt sad, depressed or demotivated at one or other junction of our lives? Every one of us may have felt that we have more potential than we showcase to the world. We all feel that we deserve more, that we deserve better. Many of us feel that at work, we are passed over for promotions even though we are more capable. We feel that we are never given due credit. That the work that we do is never valued. Some of us even feel that we are never given the right opportunities that we deserve. Such feelings are common and are often driven by societal expectations, politics at work, gender or class bias, favoritism, etc. We feel that we are unfairly treated, and we can do nothing about our situations. We feel stuck and helpless.

The question is what happens now? What can we do? Can we even do something?

The answer to this question is within each and every one of us. How many lives do you think you have been given? Ten, Twenty, …a hundred maybe? The answer is we don’t know for sure. The only thing we do know is we are definitely given one life each, to do with it whatever we deem important. Find your goal, your one true purpose for existence and never deny your soul the right to claim it. At every point in our lives, we are given a choice. Every choice counts and it is these choices that makes us who we are today! Age, Gender, Socio-Economic Status, Culture, Country and Race are nothing more than man-made structures that are used against us time and again in various different ways to stop us from achieving our true potential. Do not let such things make you think that your dream, your aspirations, your goals are unimportant. At every point in our lives, we are one decision away from changing our lives for the better.

So ask yourselves, “Is this it?”. Will we decide that we cannot fight more and accept this as our fate or do we rise above our problems? We never realize that we are part of the system that discourages us and denies us our dreams. We seldom say I have had enough and now I am going to let no one stand in the way of my dreams.

The question is why? Why should we stop believing that each and every one of us is capable of fulfilling our dreams and attaining our goals? Why does it matter so much what people around you think about you? Have they been in your shoes? Have they lived your life? No, right? Thus, until they become you, live your life, face your obstacles and win, they have no right to give their opinions on what you may or may not be capable of doing. So, it is high time we stop letting such people affect us. Stop listening to those who say you cannot do something because it sounds impossible. Stop following someone else’s definition of impossible! Redefine yourself as many times as the need be to achieve your goals.

Everyone has heard the quote “Magic happens when you believe in yourself!”. But hardly anyone looks at its contrapositive. We can never feel the magic inside us, if we quit believing in ourselves. If we stop trying, that is the day we truly fail. We don’t fail when we encounter a failure, we fail when we give up. I think it is high time we stand up for ourselves. Not by fighting with others or asking others to give us something because we feel entitled to it but because we don't want to live a life where our one true purpose remains unfulfilled. It is time to stop giving up on one thing that matters the most to every single person on our planet, our dreams.

One day, we will all die. We will be taking our last breath and having flashbacks of our lives. Do you want to have regrets then? Do you want to wish then what you could have done now? Do you want your life to mean something? Do you want to die happy knowing that you fulfilled your true purpose by achieving your dreams or do you want to regret the chances you didn't take? The decisions that you never made? Decide now, so that on the day you die, you die knowing that you completed what you started!

In hard circumstances, we would rather feel bad about our lives than do something about it. I would say this attitude needs to stop now! How long are we going to blame others rather than taking action and standing up for ourselves? I know there might be biases that you have to face. I know you must be going through problems that I have never been through and I cannot begin to comprehend how you are waking up every day to merely exist. I am not judging anyone here. All I am saying is that you are strong and you can definitely tackle any and all your problems no matter how difficult they are.

What I am trying to point out is that we need to change our attitude towards life. Instead of trying to blame others or ourselves for our problems, let’s try to change our outlook. Instead of having an attitude that says why don’t I deserve this, ask yourself what have I done so far to assume that I deserve this? Have I given it my everything? Do I think the effort I put in is enough? Retrospect! Think what needs to be done to achieve what you have dreamt of your entire life.

The key to everything is always persistence and perseverance. Be so determined that the world has no choice but fall in line with your vision. Be everything you want to be. Fulfill your destiny by being true to yourself and your own dreams. Practice self-love! After all, as J.M. Storm said, even the universe falls in love with a stubborn heart. Right? ;)

In short, do not sell yourself short! Do not procrastinate and do not give up on your dreams, no matter the circumstances. You have got this and you know it! Believe in yourself, even if no one else does. I promise you, with continued efforts and planning, you will definitely achieve your goals as per your own awesome definition of success!

Thank you for reading and I hope you never give up!

Software Engineer 2 @ eBay. University of Texas at Dallas Alumna. BITS Pilani Alumna. You can follow me @