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  • William Borges

    William Borges

    Growth Engineer, ML Enthusiast.

  • Medium


    Everyone’s stories and ideas

  • Pooja Soni

    Pooja Soni

  • Vincent Vanhoucke

    Vincent Vanhoucke

    I am a Principal Scientist at Google, working on Machine Learning and Robotics.

  • Andrew Ng

    Andrew Ng

    AI, Machine Learning, Deep learning, Online Education.

  • Stacy S.

    Stacy S.

    Senior Editor at Towards AI | ✊🏿✊🏾✊🏽 | Editorial: https://towardsai.net/p/category/editorial

  • Towards AI Team

    Towards AI Team

    Work with us → https://mktg.best/ais | Tutorials → https://ws.towardsai.net/tutorials | Subscribe → https://ws.towardsai.net/subscribe | Twitter: @Towards_AI

  • Adrien Treuille

    Adrien Treuille

    Adrien is co-founder of Streamlit, the ML tooling framework. Adrien was a computer science prof at Carnegie Mellon, lead a Google X project, and was VP at Zoox.

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